Experience The Infinite Possibilities Of Recycling: The Every Can Counts Infinity Room Arrives At W5 For Recycle Week

Experience The Infinite Possibilities Of Recycling: The Every Can Counts Infinity Room Arrives At W5 For Recycle Week

Experience The Infinite Possibilities Of Recycling: The Every Can Counts Infinity Room Arrives At W5 For Recycle Week 1408 946 Phoebe Kelly

We’ve partnered with the award-winning W5 Science & Discovery Centre to bring our captivating Infinity Room exhibit to Belfast, in time for the 20th anniversary of Recycle Week!

Join us for Recycle Week and experience our immersive ‘Infinity Room’ exhibit in Belfast, which invites visitors of all ages to explore the significance of recycling drink cans while showcasing the infinite recyclability of aluminum.

Experiencing Infinite Possibilities

Upon their visit, guests will be met with a giant drink can, and once they step inside, they’ll be immersed in a mirrored room featuring the illusion of an infinite number of suspended aluminium cans. Alongside the visual spectacle, a narrator will take them on an educational journey through aluminium can recycling and its environmental benefits.

Comprised of 1,500 recycled cans and 25 square meters of mirrors, the Infinity Room is not only an educational experience but also a stunning visual attraction. To help us spread the recycling message far and wide, we’re encouraging everyone who visits to share their experience on social media by using the hashtag, #EveryCanCounts.

The arrival of the Infinity Room not only marks a new experience for visitors to W5 Belfast, but also the 20th anniversary of Recycle Week.

What Is Recycle Week?

Recycle Week is an annual celebration of recycling which aims to encourage the public across the UK to recycle more of the right things, more often. Hosted by the recycling charity WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), Recycle Week encourages businesses, local authorities, and community groups to all come together to promote the importance of waste reduction.

If you’d like to find out more, you can visit WRAP’s website by clicking here.

Victoria Denoon, Head of W5 Experience, said:

“W5 is proud to work alongside Every Can Counts to showcase the Infinity Room Tour during Recycle Week 2023.

“The exhibit will be housed in our In Our Nature Zone which highlights the importance of sustainability, climate change and our local environment and is aligned to W5’s mission of provoking new learning opportunities in immersive environments where visitors of all ages and backgrounds can become fully absorbed and engaged. 

“Like Every Can Counts, we are fully committed to inspiring the next generation to recycle and providing opportunities for them to learn about the science involved.”

Nothing Is Impossible When You Make Every Can Count

As part of Recycle Week, we conducted research on the recycling behaviors of Belfast residents. Check out the findings below:

  • On average, residents of Belfast enjoy seven canned drinks per week, and 78% of these cans are recycled.
  • Just under half (48%) of those living in Belfast always use recycling bins when out and about in public places.
  • Only a third (31%) would take packaging home to recycle it if they couldn’t find a recycle bin.
  • Belfast residents cited more recycling bins (73%), clearer signage on recycling bins (34%), and more recyclable packaging (34%) as the top three things which would encourage them to recycle more when out of their home.
  • Almost half of those living in Belfast (44%) think more should be done to educate young people about the importance of recycling.

Make Every Can Count for Recycle Week

If you want to make every one of your cans count for Recycle Week and beyond, then we want you to help us spread the recycling message!

Here are the key facts we like to shout about:

  • Aluminium can be recycled again and again without losing any quality!
  • It takes as little as 60 days for a drink can to go around the recycling loop and be back on the shop shelf as a brand new can.
  • Recycling drink cans uses 95% less energy than making new ones from primary aluminium.

Want to learn more about drink can recycling? We have another blog post which answers all of your frequently asked questions. Click here to find out more.

Visit the Infinity Room!

If you’re in Belfast, be sure to check out the Every Can Counts Infinity Room at W5. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience art and learn about sustainability in a fun and engaging way!

For more information, including W5’s opening times, click here.