Bodega 51 Presented With Green Can Award

Bodega 51 Presented With Green Can Award

Bodega 51 Presented With Green Can Award 2560 1678 ChrisUK

Bodega 51, an independent bar in Rochester, has been presented with a Green Can Award by Every Can Counts for its ongoing recycling efforts. Since opening in May last year, the bar has recycled more than 25,000 drink cans, with all proceeds being donated to mental health charity, Mind.  

About Bodega 51 and their recycling initiative:

Bodega 51 specialises in canned drinks, stocking over 150 varieties from craft lagers, IPAs, cocktails to juices and soft drinks, all of which are collected and recycled once consumed by customers.

All empty drink cans are taken and sold to local scrap metal business, Medway Metals, with the proceeds then being donated to Mind. In just 10 months, the team at Bodega 51 have raised a total of £200 for the charity and have recycled 300kg of cans.

Sustainability is a key focus for the bar, with it encouraging its employees as well as other local businesses and individuals to drop off clean and crushed aluminium cans in clear sacks in order to be recycled.

The bar also displays boards and posters on-site to educate customers on the benefits of recycling aluminium and to give updates on the progress of their fundraising initiative.

A few words:

Kayea Shome, owner of Bodega 51, said: “We’re thrilled to receive this award and be recognised for our commitment to recycling. Being Kent’s first can bar, recycling is hugely important to us and we’re glad to be able to use our recycling initiative to also give something back to the community by raising money for charity. The more people who can get involved, the better!”

Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts said: “Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and every empty can could be recycled and back on sale as a brand-new can in just 60 days; so we’re very impressed with the team at Bodega 51 who have made recycling a key focus since their opening last year with their fantastic fundraising initiative in support of Mind.

“The bar is a great example of how independent businesses can make a real difference, no matter their size, and it’s great to see them encouraging other local businesses as well as the wider community to get involved and help look after the environment while raising money for charity too.”

Find out more:

You can learn more about Bodega 51 on Facebook and Instagram.

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