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Crewe Recycling Initiative Wins Green Can Award

Crewe Recycling Initiative Wins Green Can Award 2560 1829 Phoebe Kelly

Local community group, Crewe Clean Team, have won a national recycling award for their ongoing efforts, which have seen over 200,000 drink cans recycled in the last decade!

This week, a group of committed volunteers were presented with a Green Can Award in recognition of their achievements.

Crewe Clean Team has 200 members who take part in community litter picks throughout Crewe and the surrounding area, as well as collecting and recycling aluminium.

Aluminium recycling is a key focus for the group and volunteers have collected 200,000 aluminium cans for recycling since the initiative was established in 2012. As well as litter picking, the group collects aluminium packaging from local businesses, including hair foil from a salon, foil trays from a takeaway and empty drink cans from a local pub.

All aluminium is then taken and sold to local scrap metal business, Houston & Sons Limited.

The money raised is then reinvested into the scheme, including buying additional litter picking equipment and raising awareness of the group within the area to recruit volunteers.

Those interested in getting involved can get in touch via email or else drop a message through their Facebook page @CreweCleanTeam. The team also work on other environmental initiatives, such as bulb-planting.

David McDonald, chair of Crewe Clean Team, said: “I couldn’t have predicted the scale of the scheme now when we set out 10 years ago, but it really has taken off. Over two hundred volunteers make up Crewe Clean Team, so it really is a joint effort and we’re all thrilled with the award.

“All of our members understand the importance of recycling and have communicated this message throughout the community. It’s been great to see how this has manifested in better habits within the town and a steady influx of new volunteers.

“We now pick up aluminium from a number of businesses, including pubs, hairdressers and takeaways, and take it to be recycled as soon as possible. I’d like to say thank you to them for making a special effort.  I’d also like to thank all of the members who contribute, whether by collecting the cans or by taking them to Houston and Sons.  In fact, a lot  of the aluminium collected is transported by wheelbarrow,   which helps us to be even more environmentally friendly!

“Everyone is so proud of what we’ve accomplished to date, but there is always more work to be done and we’re keen to welcome new faces.”

Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts said: “We were so impressed with Crewe Clean Team’s efforts when it comes to recycling. Their volunteers have helped ensure that hundreds of thousands of drink cans have been recycled over the years – conserving valuable aluminium as these cans can be infinitely recycled and back on shop shelves, filled, in just 60 days.”

“Crewe Clean team is a stellar example of a community-led project that has made a real difference, and we hope they inspire others to make a contribution, no matter how small, to helping protect the environment.”

Crewe Clean team are presented with a Green Can Award certificate by the Every Can Counts team. The group of four is in a forest setting and are also shown recycling cans into an Every Can Counts collection box while being presented with their award. Everyone in the photo is happy and proud of their achievement.

Are you part of a recycling initiative which deserves to be recognised for going the extra mile when it comes to drink can recycling? Click here to find out more about our Green Can Awards.

New Infinity Room Exhibit Opens In Glasgow Science Centre

New Infinity Room Exhibit Opens In Glasgow Science Centre 2560 1440 Phoebe Kelly

The #EveryCanCounts Infinity Room has opened in Glasgow Science Centre. The installation aims to teach people about the importance of recycling drink cans by illustrating the infinite recyclability of aluminium.

Those who step inside the giant drink can will find themselves in a mirrored room that creates an illusion of being surrounded by an infinite number of suspended aluminium cans. At the same time, a narrator will take them on an educational journey through aluminium can recycling and its environmental benefits.

The immersive exhibit, which is made up of 1,500 recycled cans and 25 square metres of mirrors, makes for an ideal photo opportunity and its launch coincides with Recycle Week (17th – 23rd October). The Infinity Room becomes the second installation to be displayed by Every Can Counts during Recycle Week this year, after the #EveryCanCounts Rainbow Archway appeared in Liverpool city centre on Friday.

The exhibit in Glasgow Science Centre will be open to the public from Monday 17th October until January 8th next year.

Visitors can share their own photos and videos of the Infinity Room on social media with the hashtag #EveryCanCounts to be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win tickets to experience the Newton Flight Academy at Glasgow Science Centre – which is home to Scotland’s only full-motion flight simulators. Click here for full prize draw details.

Graham Rose, creative director at Glasgow Science Centre, said: “We are always looking to develop our sustainability initiatives, whether it’s making sure there are plenty of recycling bins on site or educating the local community with our public engagement programme.

Every Can Counts’ work around recycling awareness is important in keeping drink can recycling front of mind amongst the public, and we’re really pleased to be hosting this one-of-a kind installation to help spread the word.”

According to a recent survey completed by Every Can Counts, nearly two thirds (65%) of people who live in Glasgow say they’re becoming more conscious of environmental concerns and their own carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, more than three quarters (76%) of Glaswegians think that the local council could be doing more to encourage recycling locally.

Glaswegians consume an average of four drinks from aluminium cans each week, with drink cans being amongst the city’s most recycled type of packaging.

Chris Latham-Warde from Every Can Counts added: Recycle Week is the perfect occasion to launch our new Infinity Room installation in partnership with Glasgow Science Centre.

“We can all help the environment by doing the right thing with recyclable packaging, such as drink cans. Our installation seeks to illustrate this in a really visual way by capturing the infinite recyclability of aluminium. We want to leave visitors inspired by the vital role they can play in keeping this cycle going and enabling aluminium to be recycled again and again, forever.”

To find out more about Glasgow Science Centre, please visit

To find out more about our prize draw click here.

The #EveryCanCounts Rainbow Appears in Liverpool Ahead of Recycle Week

The #EveryCanCounts Rainbow Appears in Liverpool Ahead of Recycle Week 2560 1707 Phoebe Kelly

The #EveryCanCounts rainbow installation has appeared in Williamson Square in Liverpool city centre ahead of the start of Recycle Week (17th – 23rd October).

Dog Bruno poses for a photo near the #EveryCanCounts rainbow.

Every Can Counts has partnered with Liverpool BID Company to bring the colourful archway, made from over 2,500 recycled cans, to the city centre to raise awareness around the importance of recycling and inspire more people to recycle their empty drink cans.

According to Every Can Counts’ research of Liverpool residents, 72% say they are becoming more conscious of the environment and their impact on it. What’s more, nearly eight in 10 (79%) already think that recycling their household waste is ‘very important’.

Amongst Liverpudlians, the biggest barriers to recycling are the lack of recycling bins in public places (cited by 43% of respondents) and confusion about what packaging is and isn’t recyclable (25%).  

Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts, said: “Our rainbow installation has toured a number of cities across the UK and we’re thrilled to now bring it to Liverpool to mark Recycle Week. The archway will be on display in Williamson Square all week and we’re looking forward to seeing all the creative and fun photos people take with it.

The message behind the installation is that we can all make a difference by recycling our empty drink cans. Our research shows that a quarter of Liverpudlians are unsure what packaging is and isn’t recyclable. The good news is that when it comes to drink cans, it’s really straightforward! Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and every recycled can could be back on a shop shelf as a brand new can in just 60 days. But this only happens when we play our part in the process and put our empty cans in the right bin. So we’re here to encourage people in Liverpool to recycle every single one of their empty cans, so that this valuable material stays in circulation.”

Bill Addy, CEO of Liverpool BID Company, said: “Liverpool BID Company is committed to ensuring our city is always improving and we believe that sustainability, including recycling, is a big part of that and a habit we should all be making an effort to embrace.

“We’re pleased to be working with Every Can Counts on its wonderful rainbow can sculpture and have no doubt it will add a bit of colour to the city centre, while highlighting an important message.”

Passers-by have all week, until the evening of Friday 21st, to come and snap a picture with the installation and enter a social media photo competition for the chance to win a £150 Flannels gift card. To enter, take a snap of the rainbow and upload it to social media using #EveryCanCounts and tagging @EveryCanCountsUK (Instagram/Facebook) or @EveryCanCounts (Twitter). For full prize draw details visit:

Looking Back on a CANtastic Summer of Recycling Fun!

Looking Back on a CANtastic Summer of Recycling Fun! 2560 1920 Phoebe Kelly

Ah the hazy memories of summer recycling fun…

From rocking out with metalheads at Download Festival, to discovering the mysteries of Lost Village Festival, we have spread the recycling word far and wide this summer and met some incredible people along the way. Watch the video below to see us rock out at our first festival of the season:

We collected cans trackside at the Formula 1 and MotoGP races at Silverstone and found ourselves on the track itself at the Red Bull Soapbox Race! At music festivals we offered t-shirts and keyrings made from recycled cans as recycling rewards and we decorated festival goers (and sometimes ourselves) in recycling themed temporary tattoos.

And let’s not forget about our iconic can cages! Don’t be mistaken, those beautiful cages don’t stay spotless by themselves. Behind the scenes our team have been emptying those cages and bagging up your cans, ready to be taken away and recycled.

But now, after an unforgettable summer of can recycling fun, we’re saying goodbye to festival life for another year. Will we miss emptying those juicy cages? Probably not. But will we miss seeing you guys proactively recycling your cans and filling them up every day? Absolutely!

Here’s a taste of the recycling fun that we’ve had this summer:

Download Festival:
The one where we created the iconic Download Dog PixelCan and everyone flocked to our gazebo to claim their recycling rewards.

Stendhal Festival:
Our first one in Northern Ireland, a.k.a the one in the rain… But that didn’t stop our team from getting out and about and filling up their recycling backpacks!

Formula 1 British Grand Prix:
The one with the biggest crowd! With over 400,000 people attending across the weekend, our team were never short of people to chat to.

Red Bull Soapbox Race:
The one where we took to the racetrack and our drivers risked their lives in the name of can recycling! Click here to read more about our Soapbox experience.

2000trees Festival:
The one where we slept to the sound of heavy metal every night and met some incredible recycling heroes.

Latitude Festival:
The one where our team proved themselves by conquering the dust and the heat to spread the recycling word around the campsites and main arena.  

MotoGP British Grand Prix:
The one where our team roamed the circuit and spread the word that recycled cans might one day end up as an aluminium component in a motorbike!  

Wilderness Festival:
The boutique one where our team went into the wilderness to seek out those who were willing to embrace their wild side and recycle their cans in style.  

Boomtown Festival:
The one where you guys brought the fun to us in the blazing heat (and huddled under our gazebo to escape the sun).

Boardmasters Festival:
The one on the beach… We’re still finding sand in our can recycling backpacks to this day!

Big Feastival:
The one where we partnered with Canned Wine Co. to bring our can cages and a beautiful new-look design for our recycling backpacks to The Cotswolds.

Lost Village Festival:
The one where nothing was as it seemed. Our final festival and a time to say goodbye to a summer of can recycling fun! Watch the video below to see us in action at our final festival of the season:

Thank you to everyone who chatted, danced, laughed and recycled with our team. And thanks to all the festivals and events who have welcomed us on site this summer!

We hope our team left you all with some lasting memories so that when you finish a drink from an aluminium can, you’ll remember to pop it in the recycling bin wherever you are.

Every Can Counts Takes On The Red Bull Soapbox Race

Every Can Counts Takes On The Red Bull Soapbox Race 1200 800 ChrisUK

We ensured recycling took centre stage at this year’s Red Bull Soapbox Race in London by building and racing our very own Every Can Counts soapbox!

Watch the video below to see our Soapbox journey in full, from building and testing through to race day itself:

Our recycling-themed soapbox highlighted the infinite recyclability of drink cans, and its part-can, part-plane shape illustrated the varied uses for aluminium as a material. Click here to learn more about all of the incredible uses for aluminium.

70 teams tackled the obstacle-filled course in front of 18,000 spectators at London’s Alexandra Palace – and we’re pleased to say our soapbox was one of those that made it to the finish line! But only just – the final jump proved to be too much for our steering and we ended with a crash! Watch our race in full below:

Every Can Counts’ Programme Manager, Chris Latham-Warde piloted the soapbox with co-pilot Tom Giddings, Alupro’s Executive Director. Cyclone Works’ Paul Bacon and Lee Cox completed the 4-person team as the expert engineers behind the can-shaped racing machine.

To ensure our recycling message could be easily embraced by the spectators at Ally Pally, we brought our can recycling cages to the Red Bull Soapbox Race, along with an enthusiastic team who roamed the grounds collecting cans and chatting to attendees about the importance of recycling their empty cans.

Making A Sustainable Platinum Jubilee with Every Can Counts

Making A Sustainable Platinum Jubilee with Every Can Counts 2508 1672 ChrisUK

We partnered with The Platinum Jubilee Pageant and Royal Parks to encourage people to recycle their empty drink cans during the Jubilee weekend. We brought two art installations and a team of recycling ambassadors to St James’s Park in London, right at the heart of the celebrations!

A Jubilee-themed wall of art created from 2,000 recycled cans was on display beside The Mall, in a location which proved to be a popular picnic spot thanks to the presence of a large screen broadcasting the Jubilee events. The iconic #EveryCanCounts Rainbow, created from over 2,500 recycled cans, was also on display near Horse Guard’s Parade, where it’s Instagram appeal was enhanced by a leafy green backdrop.

On the Saturday and Sunday our team of recycling ambassadors circulated through the crowds collecting empty cans and conducting recycling surveys. 6 Platinum Jubilee Pageant volunteers joined our team on the Sunday, helping us to collect more cans and spread our message even further.

This event was part of the Every Can Counts International Recycling Tour, which took place on the 3rd, 4th and 5th June. More than 100 recycling ambassadors roamed parks, cities, and beaches in 17 countries.

Every Can Counts teams were active in the following countries: Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Their mission? To encourage people to keep public outdoor spaces clean and recycle their drink cans wherever they are.

The tour was timed to coincide with World Environment Day on 5th June.

David van Heuverswyn, Director of Every Can Counts Europe, said: “Drink cans recycle forever. This is the main message of our tour and the reason why we are working to inspire behaviour change and help reach 100% can recycling in Europe and beyond. This ambitious target can only be reached if consumers, brands, event organisers and local communities join forces to recycle every drink can and build together a more sustainable planet.”

Thank you to everyone who recycled with us last weekend, whether in St James’s Park during the Jubilee celebrations or in one of the other 17 countries where Every Can Counts activities were taking place. Together we CAN make a difference!

Every Can Counts Recycling Ambassadors and Platinum Jubilee Pageant Volunteers pose by the #EveryCanCounts Rainbow.

Every Can Counts Goes to Download Festival – Prize Draw!

Every Can Counts Goes to Download Festival – Prize Draw! 1115 628 Phoebe Kelly

Every Can Counts is returning to Download Festival in June and to celebrate we’re giving you the chance to win TWO weekend camping tickets to this year’s event! Just visit our social media channels and leave a comment on our competition posts with your answer to the following question: how many times can a drink can be recycled?

After two years, Every Can Counts is excited to be back at Download Festival in 2022 and our team will be on site, ready to collect all of your empty cans. Just look out for our iconic backpacks and can cages. We’ll have recycling rewards up for grabs too! If there’s one thing our team is good at; it’s making sure that can recycling is fun!

For your chance to win tickets to Download Festival 2022 see the terms and conditions below:

  • This prize draw is open to UK residents only.
  • We accept entrants from people aged 16+.
  • One entry will be accepted per social media profile.
  • The prize draw will run on the following social media channels:
  • To be included in the prize draw, you must comment on the competition post on one of the above social media channels and correctly answer the question: how many times can a drink can be recycled?
  • Every Can Counts will select 1 winning entry at random from all correct guesses made across all of the above social media channels.
  • Entries must be submitted before midnight on Sunday 22nd May 2022 in order to be included in the prize draw.
  • The winner will be contacted directly within 3 days of the closing date.
  • We will announce the winner on our social media channels once we have successfully made contact with them privately.
  • The prize for this competition is 2 x weekend camping tickets to Download Festival 2022.  No cash equivalent is offered.
Download Festival Logo
We’ll be at the festival all weekend so if you’re heading to Download this year, make sure you come and say hello to our amazing team. We can’t wait to see you there!

Drink Can Recycling Rate Remains at Record High in UK

Drink Can Recycling Rate Remains at Record High in UK 2560 1369 ChrisUK

Did you know? Drink cans are one of the most recycled beverage containers on the planet! But what percentage of drink cans are recycled in the UK?

82% of drink cans sold in the UK in 2021 were recycled, matching the record high rate set in 2020 when recycling was made easier for many due to the COVID-19 national lockdowns and ‘stay at home’ guidance.

Infographic displaying the percentage of drink cans recycled in UK. In the background there are towers of can bales and in the foreground is a white outline of a drink can. Inside this is the text '82% drink can recycling rate'

Click here to read the full news release by Alupro, the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation, announcing the 2021 UK aluminium packaging recycling rates.

Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts, said: “These new figures are really encouraging. It’s fantastic to see that, despite people returning to life ‘on-the-go’ and despite a growing domestic market, more than four out of five of the drink cans sold in the UK are still being recycled.

“We now need to keep up this momentum and raise the bar even higher. Recycling our empty drink cans is something we can all do for the benefit of the environment. It might be a small action, but keeping that valuable aluminium in circulation really does make a difference.”

How to Help Us Boost the Percentage of Drink Cans Recycled in the UK

As we continue to work towards our vision of a 100% recycling rate for drink cans, here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Keep recycling your drink cans (especially while you’re on the go)!
  • If you can’t find a recycling bin while you’re out and about, take your empty can home with you and pop it into your curbside recycling bin.
  • Recycling drink cans really is as simple as that!

How We are helping to Boost the UK Drink Can Recycling Rate

  • We aim to encourage consumer behaviour change by raising awareness of the benefits of recycling drink cans
  • We also partner with businesses and organisations to make it easier for people to do the right thing with their empty cans.
  • After recent awareness campaigns in London’s Covent Garden and Newcastle city centre, we are now gearing up for a busy summer at events and festivals across the country.

Incredible Facts About Drink Cans

  • Drink cans are currently the UK’s most recycled beverage container.
  • Drink cans are able to be recycled, filled and back on a shop shelf in just 60 days, thanks to the efficient recycling infrastructure in place across Europe.
  • Aluminium (the metal that drink cans are made from) recycles forever!
  • Recycling drink cans uses 95% less energy than creating new ones from primary aluminium.

A Canny Earth Day 2022 In Newcastle

A Canny Earth Day 2022 In Newcastle 2560 1625 ChrisUK

Grey’s Monument has been made more colourful for Earth Day 2022 with the arrival of the Every Can Counts rainbow installation in Newcastle city centre.

About the #EveryCanCounts Rainbow

The impressive rainbow arch, measuring four metres high and seven metres wide, is made up from over 2,500 recycled drink cans.

It was installed by Every Can Counts in collaboration with Newcastle City Council to bring awareness to the importance of can recycling around Earth Day 2022 (Friday 22nd April).

Recycling in Newcastle

According to Every Can Counts’ research, Geordies drink an average of six cans a week, of which people say they recycle around 70% of empty cans.

Even though nine in 10 Geordies surveyed say that they understand the benefits of recycling, more than a quarter (27 per cent) admit that they don’t recycle while out of the house.

Furthermore, 68% of people in Newcastle say they are more concerned about the environment and their impact on it than they were this time last year.

Residents suggest that more recyclable packaging and monetary incentives such as the planned deposit return scheme would encourage them to recycle more.

Every Can Counts & Earth Day 2022 Prize Draw

The rainbow will remain on display by Grey’s Monument until Sunday evening. People are invited to post a photo of the installation on social media for the chance to win £100 in shopping vouchers. Click here to find out more about our incredible prize draw!

What We Had to Say about the Rainbow’s Visit to Newcastle

Chris Latham-Warde, Programme Manager for Every Can Counts, said: “Our rainbow installation has toured all over the UK and we’re so excited that it’s finally making its debut in Newcastle for Earth Day. This year, the theme is ‘Invest in our Planet’, and that message has never been so important.

“Each and every one of us can make a difference and recycling our empty drink cans is an example of a small habit we can all adopt that has a positive impact on the environment. All of the cans collected in Newcastle over the weekend could be recycled and refilled on shop shelves in just 60 days – and because every can is infinitely recyclable, the benefits of keeping that valuable aluminium in circulation keep adding up again and again!

“Recycling rates were at an all-time high during the national lockdowns and, now that restrictions have been lifted, it’s essential that we keep up the momentum. We hope our colourful rainbow pop-up this weekend will inspire the people of Newcastle to do just that!”

Christine Herriot, Newcastle City Council’s director of operations and regulatory services, added: “It’s fantastic to have this eye-catching rainbow art installation in the heart of our city this weekend, which will certainly get people talking and help spread the message about the importance of recycling.

“We know residents take great pride in having a clean and tidy city, which was demonstrated by the incredible turn out for the Great British Spring Clean.

“We thank all of the volunteers, businesses and community groups who played their part in helping us to tidy up their communities and it shows what we can achieve for our environment when we work together.

“It’s important everyone continues to take responsibility and dispose of their empty packaging properly. If there is not a public bin nearby, or you arrive at a bin that is already full, please take your litter home and recycle it there instead.

“We hope everyone enjoys having their pictures taken with this brilliant piece of artwork this weekend and remembers the important message behind it.”

The Every Can Counts Rainbow in Newcastle for Earth Day 2022

Click here to find out more about Earth Day 2022.

Visit the #EveryCanCounts Rainbow in Covent Garden for Global Recycling Day 2022

Visit the #EveryCanCounts Rainbow in Covent Garden for Global Recycling Day 2022 2560 2194 Phoebe Kelly

The colourful recycled art installation is spending two weeks on display in the Covent Garden Piazza to celebrate Global Recycling Day 2022.

We’ve partnered with Covent Garden London to bring The #EveryCanCounts Rainbow to one of the capital’s most iconic and busiest locations.

The eye-catching installation, created from over 2,500 recycled cans, will be on display in the Covent Garden Piazza until the 30th of March. The signage surrounding the installation invites people to learn about the infinite life cycle of drink cans and passers-by can also recycle their empty cans in the ‘pots of gold’ at each end of the rainbow.

The #EveryCanCounts Rainbow Arrives in Covent Garden

The installation was unveiled in Covent Garden on Thursday 17th March, ahead of Global Recycling Day 2022 on the 18th. A team of Every Can Counts recycling ambassadors wearing can recycling backpacks also supported the launch of the campaign. The ambassadors conducted face-to-face recycling surveys with people during the first four days of the campaign, helping to communicate the benefits of can recycling and inspire positive behaviour change.

To help raise awareness of the campaign on social media, we’re inviting people to enter our #EveryCanCounts prize draw by taking a photo with the installation and posting it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. A £250 gift card and a Venchi 1kg chocolate egg are up for grabs! Full competition details can be found by clicking here.

What is Global Recycling Day?

Global Recycling Day falls on March 18 each year and aims to promote the vitality of recycling across the globe. It is a day for action, for the world to come together to put the planet first, and to change the mind-set of governments, businesses, communities and individuals around the world, to see recyclables as a resource.

Click here to find out more about Global Recycling Day 2022.