Eco-Workshop Win a National Recycling Award

Eco-Workshop Win a National Recycling Award

Eco-Workshop Win a National Recycling Award 2560 1652 ChrisUK

Eco-Workshop (based in Clifford Chambers, Stratford upon Avon) have received a national recycling award for their outstanding work in recycling drink cans and raising funds for charity.

Every Can Counts presented the local social enterprise with a Green Can Award to celebrate their recycling efforts over the past three years.

Who are Eco-Workshop?

Eco-Workshop are a local social enterprise that was set up 5 years ago to provide opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and autism. Attending ECO (enterprise, community, opportunity) Workshop gives varied, purposeful work and meaning to the participants, enabling them to become part of the local work community.

Why We Chose Eco-Workshop for a National Recycling Award

Over the last three years they have collected 370kg of aluminium (with 26,270 cans crushed so far) and this figure continues to grow and grow.

Eco-Workshop has gathered a lot of local support and customers from a variety of sources including supermarkets, community collection points and local businesses.

What We Had to Say About the Award

Presenting the award Kate Cole Programme Manager for Every Can Counts says “It is an honour to present a Green Can Award to Eco-Workshop. This is a fantastic example of how collecting and recycling drinks cans and other metal packaging not only generates much needed funds it also makes a significant contribution to the environment”.

Catherine Adams, Director – Eco-Workshop says “Collecting, sorting and crushing used drinks cans has and continues to be a very popular work activity for the team and our local community. We have enjoyed working with Every Can Counts who gave us very helpful initial guidance and continue to give us ongoing support. We are so proud that since 2015, 370kg of cans have been collected and taken to our local metal merchants for recycling, which equates to 26,270 cans crushed so far!”

What is the Green Can Award Initiative?

  • This national recycling award recognises businesses, organisations and people who are going above and beyond when it comes to drink can recycling.
  • We want to put a spotlight on those who are going the extra mile to make their cans count, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps!
  • Whether you’ve set up new recycling points, started running workplace awareness events, recruiting a recycling champion or you’re collecting cans for a charitable cause –  we want to hear from you!

How Can I Apply for this Recycling Award?

Any business, organisation or individual whose activities have promoted can recycling and/or demonstrably increased recycling rates can apply. Visit our web page to apply now!