Our Journey to Third Place at the Red Bull Soapbox Race

Our Journey to Third Place at the Red Bull Soapbox Race

Our Journey to Third Place at the Red Bull Soapbox Race 2560 1708 Phoebe Kelly

We entered the Red Bull Soapbox Race to raise awareness about the importance of recycling drink cans… But we never imagined we’d end up on the podium!

Our soapbox, costumes, and even our dance routine aimed to inspire people with the magic of can recycling, and we were blown away by the reception we received from the crowds at Ally Pally!

Chitty Chitty Can Can

Aptly named Chitty Chitty Can Can following a public poll on our social media a few months ago, our soapbox was designed to look like a recycling collection truck with a stylish twist. Complete with an eye-catching paint job, chrome engine pipes and a fur interior; we wanted to ensure that all eyes would be on our soapbox as it took to the track.

Her stunning exterior left spectators in awe, with commentators declaring her ‘the best soapbox [they’d] ever seen’.

Watch our race in full below:

Swapping the Office Wear for a Can Suit

Every aspect of our soapbox entry aimed to inspire people with the magic of can recycling: the costumes, the dance routine, and of course our beautiful soapbox!

Every Can Counts’ Programme Manager, Chris Latham-Warde, took on the role of a magician and piloted the soapbox alongside his co-pilot and trusty sidekick, CanMan (also known as Executive Director of Alupro, Tom Giddings). Tom wore a homemade outfit made from more than 350 cans and was brought to life by our magician during the performance.

Paul Bacon and Lee Cox completed our four-person team as the expert engineers behind the recycling-themed racing machine. During our performance, they took on the vital role of ‘bin-men’ and assisted CanMan into the back of Chitty Chitty Can Can, ready to be taken down the track and recycled into a new drink can in just 60 days!

Creating a Sonic Boom

We’re thrilled to have placed third this time, especially after coming 44th in our first attempt back in 2022! We were blown away by the response from the public and the judges at Ally Pally and when asked about the speed of our soapbox, our team claimed that Chitty Chitty Can Can reached speeds of “just under 1,000 miles per hour,” causing a “sonic boom” on the course.

Check out our full scores below:

  • Creativity: 37/40
  • Performance: 39/40
  • Time: 43.24 seconds

About the Red Bull Soapbox Race at Ally Pally

Chitty Chitty Can Can – our soapbox lovingly named by the public – was placed third in the legendary race that attracted thousands of spectators to Alexandra Palace on the 22nd June.

Some facts about the Red Bull Soapbox Race:

  • The race challenges teams to design the craziest of contraptions which rely solely on gravity to navigate the 420-metre downhill course. Participants are then judged on creativity, speed, and showmanship.
  • In total, 59 teams came from all over the UK for the race which was won by London-based The Hurry Houdini, with the Hoveraid crew from Cambridge in second place.
  • Red Bull has held more than 100 races around the world since the original event in Brussels in 2000.

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