Office recycling

Top tips for office recycling

By setting up a can recycling scheme you not only help reduce the amount of waste heading to landfill, but also contribute to your office’s sustainability credentials. To help get you started we’ve pulled together some handy hints on how best to set up your own can recycling campaign:

  • Identify a recycling champion/s in the office to inform and advise colleagues about the recycling process
  • Update office cleaners about your recycling processes so they know where to leave your recycling collections
  • Regularly report on how much has been recycled, to motivate staff. This could be done by using graphs in reception/rest rooms.  The ECC Can-culator can help demonstrate the value of every can collected, The Can-culator can be found here
  • Incentivise to encourage more recycling. Introduce ‘Recycling Employee of the month’ or make the scheme a competition by asking people to write their name/extension number or email on a can before they put it in the recycling box – one lucky can a week can win a prize, e.g. a shopping voucher
  • Encourage recycling across the office, by promoting recycling schemes in rest rooms, canteens and staff rooms
  • Make recycling part of the company ‘culture’ and promote as part of the company/ies CSR initiative. If you’re going for ISO14001 or any environmental/sustainability accreditation Every Can Counts can form part of your measurable commitment to recycling
  • Work with suppliers to provide recycled goods or support recycling schemes
  • Enter your company for a Green Can Award from Every Can Counts! Details can be found here
  • Contact Every Can Counts to order a free starter pack, or stickers and you could be recycling within 7 days – get started now

Download free ‘Use Every Can Counts’ posters and other communications materials to promote recycling. If you already have recycling bins then use our stickers so everyone knows which one is for their cans. These can be found here.