Retail whitepaper

The retail whitepaper

Last year we identified the retail sector as a huge opportunity in terms of drinks can recycling. Shopping centres are a perfect outlet for encouraging more beverage can recycling: They have multiple locations selling canned drinks, consumers spend a long period of dwell time in them and will often consume drinks during their visit, they have a high volume of staff that can be influenced positively and there is a high footfall of consumers.  So altogether a great opportunity to get our recycling message across.

To understand how shopping centres were performing in terms of encouraging recycling we developed a two phase research programme. Phase One saw us work closely with shopping centre destinations throughout the UK to understand the successes, challenges and strategic approaches for delivering an effective recycling programme in the retail sector. We have now completed Phase Two of our research – surveying shoppers to find out their views on recycling both at home and on the go, but also to discover how they rate recycling facilities in shopping centres and what they feel are the barriers to them recycling while they’re out and about.

In Phase Two of our the Retail Whitepaper we surveyed over 800 shoppers about their recycling habits and their views of the recycling facilities available at their local shopping centre. To read Phase Two, click here.

In Phase One of our Retail Whitepaper we interviewed six retail waste and facilities management professionals about their recycling strategy, performance and education programmes. To read Phase One, click here.

You can also download the complete whitepaper with both Phases of the research here.