Recycling programme extends sponsorship of UK professional women’s cycling team

As women’s cycling continues to gain momentum, recycling programme ‘Every Can Counts’ has furthered its investment into the UK based Trek-Drops professional women’s cycling team for the duration of the 2018 season.

This is the second consecutive year that the Every Can Counts programme, managed by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro), has supported the female riders having seen the sport as an emerging market which has similar values to its own.

In addition to partnering the team in the UK; additional support from industry bodies European Aluminium and Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) means the Every Can Cans programme has become Trek-Drops’ ‘lead partner’ across Europe. Every Can Counts will now actively support the team when they race in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Spain.

With just a small percentage of the women’s professional peloton actually receiving a wage, the support of sponsors such as the ‘Every Can Counts’ programme is key to the development of the sport.
Rick Hindley, Executive Director of the Every Can Counts programme, said: “Trek-Drops is one of a small handful of women’s professional cycling teams in the world that pays every rider in its team a wage. We are immensely proud to be associated with the team and in helping to play our part in the continued growth of women’s cycling.

“There is a real synergy between the core values of Trek-Drops and the Every Can Counts programme – and there’s the obvious natural link between cycling and caring for the environment. Aluminium and steel drinks cans are purchased by millions of people every day, including at sporting events. Recycling one tonne of aluminium saves nine tonnes of CO2 emissions – and one tonne is the equivalent to a car driving 2800 miles. Just imagine how much CO2 we would be reducing if we all cycled and recycled.”
Tom Varney, Team Director at Trek-Drops added: “We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Alupro and welcome the increased support from both the MPE (Metal Packaging Europe) and European Aluminium. This additional support via the Every Can Counts programme is a huge benefit to the team and will help us progress further this year. The riders and staff will be helping to encourage cyclists across Europe to do their bit to protect our environment by recycling their drinks cans – making every can count! We’re excited to continue to explore opportunities as to how we can spread this great message further.”

Every Can Counts will be at various races across Europe and the UK and will offer friends and family the chance to race against each other by taking part in their unique ‘Recycling Game’. Further information about the Recycling Game can be found here:

Hindley saw a boost in campaign profile thanks to the Every Can Counts presence at some of the UK’s most popular cycling events and he added: “We received a fantastic reaction to the Every Can Counts campaign and we look forward engaging with the professional female riders and the cycling public for a second year in 2018.”