Every Can Counts: A unique recycling partnership born in the UK and delivering results across Europe

In 2008 research by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) found that at least 30% of the drink cans sold in the UK were consumed by people ‘on the go’.  As a result the drink can makers and aluminium packaging recyclers decided to work together to develop a three-year trial to test the barriers and drivers to setting up and running successful recycling schemes for drink cans used outside the home; and Every Can Counts was born.

Fast forward eight years and Every Can Counts programmes are running in ten countries across Europe, helping to encourage consumers to recycle their cans, wherever they are.  They support businesses, universities and colleges, tourist attractions and event organisers to start or improve their recycling.  In each country leading brands and events are teaming up with Every Can Counts to engage consumers in the importance of keeping their drink cans in the recycling loop.

In each country the Every Can Counts programme is helping to support its national recycling system and contribute towards the metal packaging industry’s target of 80% recycling for beverage cans by 2020.  Recycling metal saves valuable resources, energy and greenhouse gas emissions: when you consider that over 64 billion cans are sold in Europe every year, and that each can be recycled forever the benefits of recycling really hit home.  Putting that drink can you had on the beach, at work or at the gym might seem a small effort, but multiplied 64 billion times, over and over again, it really does add up.

Check out our info-graphic link below for more information about Every Can Counts working across Europe!