Bristol-based customer support specialist Subfero has been presented with an Every Can Counts Green Can Award. The Green Can Award scheme recognises businesses who have gone above and beyond to improve drink can recycling infrastructure and increase organisational engagement rates.

The judges were impressed with Subfero’s sustainability initiative, which included the appointment of two recycling champions, implementation of beverage can collection points around the office and coordination of a fun recycling-themed event for staff members.

Alongside a green fancy dress code, the event saw team members from the company’s Bristol site ‘shoot some hoops’, with points awarded for throwing beverage cans through a basketball hoop into an Every Can Counts-branded recycling bin. Team members also submitted their entries to a can-related pun competition throughout the day, before the event culminated in a Subfero Can-Can dance.

Megan Goswell, head of people at Subfero, commented: “We are extremely proud to be presented with a Green Can Award for our recycling efforts. At Subfero, we are passionate about reducing our environmental footprint and always look for new and engaging ways to do this. “To help increase beverage can recycling rates in the office, we knew we needed to do something a little different. Our special staff event blended fun activities with serious recycling messaging to help raise awareness of the benefits of recycling among the team.

“It was a fantastic way to have a bit of fun, but at the same time remind everyone about the benefits of recycling drinks cans.” Megan continued. “We are really excited to continue our commitment to the environment and recycling, and we can’t wait to introduce even more creative initiatives to highlight the Every Can Counts message in the future.”

Chris Latham-Warde, programme manager at Every Can Counts UK, comments: “We’ve been really impressed by Subfero’s recycling programme along with their creative approach to engaging employees and are pleased to be recognising their efforts with this award. Research conducted by Every Can Counts last year found that only 43% of Brits often or always recycle when at work, so we hope Subfero’s activities will inspire others to promote recycling in the workplace too – while having some fun at the same time!”

For more information about Subfero and their recycling activities, visit

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Recycle Week 2020: Every Can Counts uses Augmented Reality Gaming Technology to Encourage Drink Can Recycling

Recycle Week 2020: Every Can Counts uses Augmented Reality Gaming Technology in a Recycle Week First to Encourage Drink Can Recycling

The new recycling-themed filter game launches on Instagram and Facebook with a competition offering players the chance to win a PlayStation 5

In a Recycle Week first, recycling initiative Every Can Counts is raising the profile of can recycling across Instagram and Facebook through the launch of its new AR filter game “Catch ‘Em If You Can”.

The game challenges players to catch falling drink cans in an on-screen recycling bin, using their head movements to guide the location of the recycling bin. When the game is finished, players find out how many cans they have recycled and are told what aluminium item can be produced with the number of cans collected.

Chris Latham-Warde, Every Can Counts UK Programme Manager said: “We know gamers often enjoy drink cans, so this Recycle Week we’re embracing their world with the launch of our new filter game.  “Catch ‘Em If You Can” gives gamers and social media users the opportunity to have fun while learning about the benefits of recycling drink cans. We’ve designed the game so that it raises awareness of the wide variety of products that can be produced from recycled drink cans, whether that’s producing brand new drink cans or part of a laptop or even part of a sports car. Because metal recycles forever the possibilities really are endless!”

“We have a lot to celebrate this Recycle Week, with over 95,000 tonnes of aluminium packaging already recycled in the UK so far this year – that’s more than any other year on record! This is a fantastic achievement, and we now need to sustain these new highs and keep recycling rates moving in the right direction. Consumer awareness and behaviour change will of course play an important role in this, so at Every Can Counts we’re working harder than ever to engage people with the benefits of recycling drink cans and we’re really excited about the opportunity to reach out to people online through this new AR filter game.”

To enter the “Catch ‘Em If You Can” launch competition and have a chance of winning a PlayStation 5, players need to screenshot their high score and post it on social media, tagging Every Can Counts UK in their post. The filter game can be played on both Facebook and Instagram. The competition will run until midnight Friday 16th October.