Every Can Counts celebrates its partnership with Beach Guardian

One of the most beautiful locations in the UK, Cornwall is almost entirely surrounded by the Atlantic, a magnificent coastline of some 300 miles.  Boasting spectacular beaches and captivating fishing harbours, the surf provides a natural playground for locals and holidaymakers.  And amongst the Cornish cream teas and surfboards, we find Beach Guardian.

Beach Guardian connects people with the environment to improve health and wellbeing, through regular community beach cleans and educational workshops with schools and other groups.

Every Can Counts has been working in partnership with Beach Guardian for over a year, so what better time to pack jumpers, wellies and waterproofs and head south-west in order to get involved in their fabulous work first-hand.

Against a backdrop of seriously wet and wild weather, the founders of Beach Guardian took us on a tour of the coastline, so we could see for ourselves how local businesses have implemented Every Can Counts on their premises.  We got stuck into a beach clean and spoke to people who have a shared commitment to protect the environment.  It is fair to say that we were cold, whipped by the gale-force winds, soaked to the skin, and most importantly – truly inspired.

For Emily Stevenson, Beach Guardian is a passion.  With her bold statement of wearing a graduation gown made of Walkers crisp packets, Emily reaches out to the world to increase awareness of the need to protect our precious oceans.

We learn from Rob Stevenson, who co-founded the project with daughter Emily Stevenson, how small regular beach cleans blossomed into Beach Guardian.

Mother Ivey’s Bay is home to an award-winning holiday park and is one of the many sites Beach Guardian and Every Can Counts have worked with to support drink can recycling.  Guests, team members and sustainability are at the heart of this long-established business.  Owner Patrick explains how they got involved with Beach Guardian.

Every Can Counts has supported Beach Guardian by providing can collection bins and free-standing can crushers to sites across Cornwall, so people can recycle their drink cans more easily when they are out and about.  If you would like to find out more about how Every Can Counts can support businesses and organisations in your local area, please get in touch by emailing everycancounts@alupro.org.uk or call the team on 01527 597757.

Celebrating 10 Years of Every Can Counts

Every Can Counts is celebrating its 10th Birthday and a decade of continued growth and success!

In 2008 research by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) found that at least 30% of the drink cans sold in the UK were consumed ‘on the go’ or away from home. With that in mind, drink can makers and metal packaging recyclers decided to work together to develop a behaviour change programme that would encourage and make it easier for people to recycle drink cans when they are out of the home. And so it was that Every Can Counts was launched in 2009.

Fast forward ten years and the Every Can Counts programme has established itself as Europe’s leading out of home recycling behaviour change programme, inspiring people to recycle their drink cans wherever they are. The programme’s ambitious vision is for every drink can across Europe to be recycled. 

Rick Hindley, Executive Director of Alupro, said: “Every Can Counts has gone from strength to strength since its launch back in 2009. The programme has expanded across Europe to 16 countries, which is a testament to the strength of the brand and its clear messaging, enabling Every Can Counts to engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders.  Our commitment to innovation and further development of the programme is ensuring that Every Can Counts continues to lead the way towards higher recycling rates by driving consumer behaviour change.”

Every Can Counts works with a wide range of stakeholders to introduce and improve drink can recycling.  Programme partners include leading brands, businesses, universities and colleges, tourist attractions and festival and event organisers.  Since its launch, thousands of organisations have signed up to the programme and there are now more than 15,000 Every Can Counts branded recycling points around the UK. 

Over 20% of these recycling points donate the cans they collect to local community groups, which raise funds for charitable causes and run social activities using the money generated by the sale of drink cans.  Every Can Counts continues to support and promote these groups, highlighting the possibility for drink can recycling to provide social benefit to local communities in addition to the significant environmental benefits. 

In recent years, an increasingly significant part of the Every Can Counts UK programme has been its work with festivals and events where large volumes of cans are consumed.  In 2019, Every Can Counts partnered with more events than ever before delivering activations at 30 events including Download Festival, Latitude Festival, Boomtown Fair and the Tough Mudder endurance series. 

Every Can Counts is updating the look and feel of its brand ahead of 2020, with plans to utilise a wider range of communications channels and explore innovative new activation opportunities.  Bolstered by its largest-ever presence across Europe, Every Can Counts is gearing up for another exciting year of putting the fun in recycling and spreading the brand’s messages further than ever before.

Every Can Counts and Beach Guardian

For our recent Alupro team meeting, we decided to head down to Cornwall and visit Beach Guardian, a community interest company which partners with our Every Can Counts programme.  Against the backdrop of the beautiful Cornish coastline, we learnt more about the work of Beach Guardian and how they engage with a vast range of stakeholders to educate and inspire people to get involved with cleaning and maintaining local beaches.

And what better way for the Alupro team to learn about Beach Guardian’s work than to take part in a beach clean themselves?  The weather was wet and wild as we clambered up and down rocks and negotiated the incoming tide.  Some of the team were more adventurous, others trod with caution, but we all made it out unscathed – if a little bit wet!

We were keen to share what we found in the sand and hidden in the rocks, which included shards of plastic, a flip-flop, snorkel mask, bicycle tyre and even a mysterious bone!  Yet amongst the detritus there was also treasure – a number of beautiful mermaid purses (or shark egg cases), which The Shark Trust encourages people to record as part of the Great Eggcase Hunt.

After a truly windswept experience enjoying the outdoors and sea air of Cornwall, we can all now proudly say #IAmABeachGuardian

Every Can Counts Benelux gains momentum at the Gent-Wevelgem Flanders classic cycling race and calls upon the public to recycle every single beverage can!

3 April 2019 – The cross-European drink can recycling initiative Every Can Counts were present last Sunday at the arrival of the Gent-Wevelgem cycling race to engage with supporters and collect every beverage can consumed in the fan zone.

Located at the very heart of the fan zone, the Every Can Counts Benelux team welcomed hundreds of visitors to its colourful stand. Cycling fans were invited to play the unique and fun Virtual Reality game where the player has to sort and recycle as many used beverage cans in two minutes as possible. At the end of the day the best recycler and top scorer was granted a gorgeous Ricicletta aluminium bike made from 800 recycled beverage cans. The bike was handed over to the winner on the main stage right after the presentation of the men’s trophy while our Every Can Counts video was broadcast on the large screen in front of thousands of cheering (re)cycling fans.

The organisers had arranged for a ‘nearly’ plastics free event with Coca-Cola only selling infinitely recyclable aluminium drink cans within the fan zone. Due to the efforts of the dedicated Every Can Counts staff all used cans were collected for recycling via the Belgian blue ‘PMD’ bag and our green recycling bins, contributing to a more sustainable event.

Every Can Counts is a lead sponsor of the elite female cycling team Drops Cycling. The aim of the partnership is to deliver the recycling message to a new audience and to encourage people to recycle drink cans when they are ‘on the go’ outside the home.

Initiated by metal and can manufacturers, the programme was launched in the UK in 2009 and is now active in 15 European countries. Whether it is made of aluminium or steel, the beverage can is infinitely recyclable and its physical properties remain unchanged no matter how many times it is recycled. Today more than seven out of ten drink cans are recycled in Europe and this number is steadily increasing every year thanks to behaviour change campaigns like Every Can Counts. Help us recycle every can!

For more information:
Contact: vanheuverswyn@european-aluminium.eu / Tel: +32 2 775 63 44 / Mobile: +32 476 64 11 47
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Every-Can-Counts-Benelux
Website: www.everycancounts.eu

Riding high in the Recycle Race

Summer is here, which means many of us are taking to our bikes and enjoying the fresh air. Cycling and the environment are closely connected, so Every Can Counts has teamed up with Drops Cycling Team at major UK competitive cycling races during the 2017 season to engage with cycling fans about the importance of recycling drink cans.

Cycling is the fastest-growing mass participation sport in the UK and our partnership with Drops Cycling Team has enabled us to reach a large and expanding number of cycling enthusiasts. We were delighted with the positive response we have had over recent months from over 5,000 race-watchers attending the Tour de Yorkshire, the Tour Series, The Women’s Tour and the Otley Grand Prix.

Fans cheering on elite cyclists from the world’s top teams took the opportunity to combine their own cycling and recycling skills by taking part in our fun, interactive cycling game. Participants in ‘The Recycle Race’, located at the Every Can Counts stand at these events, competed against friends and family, pedalling as fast as they could to push a can around the recycling loop. The game promotes the messaging that the drinks can you recycle today could be recycled into a new can in 60 days and that aluminium is endlessly recyclable. People were able to try the activity, recycle their drinks cans, and enter a competition with the chance to win some Every Can Counts giveaways.

There were plenty of thrills on the competitive race-track too. The exhausting, fast-paced races saw teams push themselves to their limits. A key highlight was Drops Cycling Team dominating the Tour Series, taking both the team and individual titles. These are impressive results for a team only in its second year of competitive cycling and we’re proud to have the Every Can Counts logo featured on their winning team jersey.

Fans could watch televised highlights from each race day, hearing more from cyclists and teams on ITV4, reaching an average audience of 500,000 per show. We’ve also been sharing Drops Cycling Team news, regularly tweeting updates and results from the “re-cyclists” @dropscycling to show our support and using the team hashtag #ColourTheRoad. This has been a great way to share our involvement with the team and has seen our Twitter followers increase, with our recycling messages now being heard by thousands of cyclist enthusiasts across the UK and Europe.

To promote the recycling message even further, Drops Cycling Team member, Alice Barnes, joined our Executive Director, Rick Hindley to give a series of regional radio interviews about the ‘Recycle Race’. Alice, who also competes for Team GB, shared her competitive cycling experience whilst encouraging everyone to recycle drinks cans used whilst on the go and away from the home.

The Every Can Counts programme, run by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation, currently has more than 13,000 Every Can Counts branded recycling points around the UK – a canny achievement even if we say so ourselves. There’s still plenty to do though, which makes our partnership with the Drops Cycling Team so important – the recycle race isn’t over and we need and value your involvement to ensure aluminium packaging recycling rates continue to ride high.