Blank CANvas Competition

We’re asking you all to get creative and design your own drink cans using our Blank CANvas template.  We want to see eye-catching colourful designs, and if they’re recycling-themed then that’s even better!
The Every Can Counts team will be picking their favourite designs and giving out some great prizes.  The creator of the winning design will receive a Nintendo Switch, and 3 runners up will be given the choice between an Amazon Fire tablet and an Instant Camera!

Every Can Counts celebrates its partnership with Foil for Snappy

Known for its celebrated historical landmarks, city walls and a variety of cultural activities, York is a very popular destination in England.  Amongst its Viking heritage and ancient buildings, York is also home to charities and projects with noble missions to help those in need. A particularly popular initiative is Foil for Snappy.

Created by Karen Nash in December 2012, Foil for Snappy recycles drink cans and other aluminium packaging to help raise funds for The Snappy Trust. The Snappy Trust, formerly known as S.N.A.P.P.Y. (Special Needs Activities and Play Provision for York), is a registered charity that supports children and young people across York with wide-ranging disabilities.

Now operating over 50 collection points across York, the Foil for Snappy project has grown significantly over the years. These collection points are hosted in a wide range of locations across the city, including supermarket car parks, community buildings, local businesses and universities. Karen collects drink cans, foil and household cables for recycling and the material is sold to L. Clancey & Sons – an aluminium recycling centre based on the outskirts of the city.

In February 2019, Karen was awarded an Every Can Counts Green Can award in recognition of her hard work and dedication to the initiative. We recently paid Karen a visit to catch-up on Foil for Snappy’s latest achievements and future plans. Welcomed with a smile and warm chocolate cupcakes, we spoke with Karen about how everything started and how she joined forces with Every Can Counts to grow the initiative.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Anne Stamp, Service Manager at The Snappy Trust, who spoke about the positive impact Karen’s relentless work has had on both the charity and the local community.

The Glasshouse is a social space in the heart of the University of York where drink cans are collected for recycling in support of The Snappy Trust. Daniel Stringer, Manager of The Glasshouse, told us how the venue started to collect and recycle cans for Karen.

Every Can Counts has supported Foil for Snappy by providing can collection bins, posters and digital graphics for use on social media channels. The Every Can Counts collection bins help people recycle their drink cans more easily when they are out and about.  If you would like to find out more about how Every Can Counts can support businesses and organisations in your local area, please get in touch by emailing or call the team on 01527 597757.

In 2020: Be More Like Bangor University

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time, full of resolutions to make better choices. During this month we will share some inspiring stories of those who are making a positive difference already.

In 2019, Bangor University in Wales partnered with Every Can Counts to improve on-site can recycling facilities for its 11,000 students and 2,000 members of staff. The University introduced branded Every Can Counts recycling bins in eight locations, providing students and staff with the opportunity to recycle drink cans whilst ‘on the go’.

The Every Can Counts recycling bins were introduced as part of Waste Awareness Week #WAW19, Bangor University’s annual campaign. The event was promoted across social media channels as well as by email to students and staff to increase awareness and encourage them to recycle more when walking around the University.

Gwen Holland, Sustainability Research Officer and Campus Waste Co-ordinator said: “Bangor University was delighted to be approached by the Every Can Counts campaign and jumped at the opportunity to receive ‘on the go’ can recycling bins for our estate. Aluminium cans are a great material to capture as they are closed loop, which means they can be recycled over and over, forever, with no loss of quality and using only 5% of the energy used when creating the product from new.”

“We hope this will be yet another step to ensure valuable material is captured here at Bangor, and not lost to energy recovery”, said Gwen.

Julie Meeks from Every Can Counts, said: “Bangor University has taken on the Every Can Counts programme as part of their proactive approach and by working together we aim to improve recycling across the site with the branded bins.”

At Every Can Counts, we urge more colleges and universities to get involved and start working with our programme; whether universities are looking for help promoting existing recycling facilities, or for those looking to start a new recycling scheme from scratch, we’re here to help!

This year be more like Bangor University and implement our free-to-use can recycling programme to help shape the sustainability of your institution.

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In 2020, Be More Like: Ecosurety

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time, full of resolutions to make better choices. During this month we will share some inspiring stories of those who are making a positive difference already.

Let us introduce Ecosurety, a leading producer responsibility compliance scheme investing in quality recycling for packaging, WEEE and batteries in the UK.  Last year, team members volunteered to join us at Boomtown Fair as Every Can counts ambassadors.

Alice Flavin, Ecosurety Business Development Manager tells us all about the partnership:

“At Ecosurety, it is important for us to get out of the office and to get stuck into something different. Four of us decided to take our three volunteering days and go to a festival to promote can recycling! It was great to work with the Every Can Counts team, their energy and passion really made those early mornings easier.”

“They supported us to have the “get up and go” attitude to get down to the campsites and tell a few fun facts about can recycling with the festival-goers and grab some cans along the way in our big green can backpacks!”, said Alice.

This first-hand experience showed how receptive festival-goers are regarding the importance of environmentally friendly initiatives.

“I think that festival-goers really want to make a difference and do the right thing, but there seems to be a real sense of consumer confusion around what to do with their waste outside of their home. The addition of the large can recycling bins on our back definitely made for a good feature, leading festival-goers to chuck their cans in as we wandered through the campsite. I would say my take away point would be if recycling waste isn’t made easy for consumers, the motivation to do the right thing decreases” said Alice.

This year, be more like Ecosurety and join us in our mission to spread the love for the infinite recyclability of drink cans.

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In 2020, Be More Like: Kent Police East Division’s Green Guardians

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time, full of resolutions to make better choices. During this month we will share some inspiring stories of those who are making a positive difference already.

Our first source of inspiration is the Kent Police East Division’s ‘Green Guardians’ team.

The team wanted to raise awareness and influence behaviour change to reduce the carbon footprint of Kent Police by upgrading the recycling facilities available to their staff. Working alongside their waste contractor, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK, the team signed up to Every Can Counts and created dedicated recycling points at each of the six police stations in the area, to ensure waste was segregated correctly and contamination was minimised.

Fred McCormack, Detective Inspector, Kent Police said “In support of our five-year Carbon Management Plan, Kent Police Green Guardians are working hard to ensure as much of their waste is recycled as possible. Police officers and staff love their cans of pop so by ensuring every can is collected and recycled properly we hope to prevent unnecessary virgin aluminium being used in the future.”

The scheme has been so successful that the programme is being rolled out across the North and West divisions of Kent Police, as well as the Force Headquarters. The team were awarded an Every Can Counts ‘Green Can Award’ which recognises all the hard work of the officers and staff.

Julie Meeks from Every Can Counts, said: “Kent Police has taken on the Every Can Counts programme as part of their proactive approach to creating a sustainable working environment. We urge more Police stations to get involved and sign up to the free to use Every Can Counts programme.”

This year be more like Kent Police Green Guardians East Division and implement our free-to-use can recycling programme to shape the sustainability of your working environment.

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