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Every Can Counts celebrates its partnership with Foil for Snappy

Known for its celebrated historical landmarks, city walls and a variety of cultural activities, York is a very popular destination in England.  Amongst its Viking heritage and ancient buildings, York is also home to charities and projects with noble missions to help those in need. A particularly popular initiative is Foil for Snappy. Created by […]

Brits call for more ‘on the go’ can recycling facilities

As our habit for consuming ‘on-the-go’ food and drink continues to rise, research conducted by Every Can Counts has highlighted that 60% of consumers are calling for more can recycling facilities on the street, while 56% would like to see more on beach fronts, and 51% are calling for more facilities at music and sporting events.

Friends of Wombwell Park win Green Can Award

The hard efforts of a Barnsley based community group has resulted in worthy recognition; the ‘Friends of Wombwell Park’ have been awarded a Green Can Award for the steps they have taken to introduce recycling facilities to Wombwell Park.  Previously there were no recycling bins anywhere in Wombwell Park and park users had to dispose […]

In 2020, Be More Like: Kent Police East Division’s Green Guardians

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time, full of resolutions to make better choices. During this month we will share some inspiring stories of those who are making a positive difference already. Our first source of inspiration is the Kent Police East Division’s ‘Green Guardians’ team. The team wanted to raise awareness […]

Every Can Counts celebrates its partnership with Beach Guardian

One of the most beautiful locations in the UK, Cornwall is almost entirely surrounded by the Atlantic, a magnificent coastline of some 300 miles.  Boasting spectacular beaches and captivating fishing harbours, the surf provides a natural playground for locals and holidaymakers.  And amongst the Cornish cream teas and surfboards, we find Beach Guardian. Beach Guardian […]